20 August, 2011

Bike Build

I can't draw, but I'm working on building a bike. This is hopefully what it will look like, I already decided to do different pipes.

25 May, 2011

1981 Sportster XLH

I got this bike about 2 weeks ago for a real sweet price. So far all I've done is take off about 40lbs worth of excess stuff and put on these rad zephyr bars from pangea (thanks watasha for selling them to me). The engine was rebuilt about 2,500 miles ago by this guy that used to race ironheads in the '80s. Have a lot of plans and a lot of work to do.

27 March, 2011


Worked on Muddy's bike today.

15 March, 2011


My buddy Bryce asked if I could help him out yesterday so of course I went over. We did a bunch of stuff, mostly wiring, made the rear end look classier, took off a lot of stuff, put on this taillight/plate setup. I should have taken a picture of the left side, oh well, next time.

28 February, 2011

1983 Easyriders

So much good stuff in here.

24 February, 2011

On the move...

“. . . exact conclusion of their hardiness
Has no shape yet, but from known whereabouts
They ride, directions where the tires press.
They scare a flight of birds across the field:
Much that is natural, to the will must yield.
Men manufacture both machine and soul,
And use what they imperfectly control
To dare a future from the taken routes...”
Thanks Tim

19 February, 2011

Rope Chains

Always liked knots, got pretty good at em. My buddy Watasha of CBCS gave me the idea of makin some keychains so I ran with it. That one on top is kind of a take on a traditional chain, it's two hangman's nooses on the top and the bottom. The second one is the one I made for Watasha, same deal, two hangman's nooses, just a little easier to see. Top noose has 13 loops, bottom has 9. Feather is made out of Arizona copper. If anyone wants one let me know!

18 February, 2011

'80s Fieldsheer Jacket

It's lame to post pictures of yourself, but I found this jacket today and it rules. The tag said 1980. Fieldsheer jacket made in England. It's in perfect condition, got it for $40. So rad. Exactly my size.

12 February, 2011


I took these photos of my brother as a joke to show how "hip" we are. Then they came out kinda cool. shit. still got a lot of work to do on his sporty.

11 February, 2011


and not by choice.


Did a little interview a while back with nguyen over at motordivision, super cool dude. thanks buddy.

'Ol Number One

Watasha over at cbcs sent me some stickers, too cool. Ramblin' fever, I know it's merle haggard, but it reminds me more of that robert johnson tune.

10 February, 2011

Steady Rollin' Man

my grandpa collected knives, had a bunch of em, most of em got burned up. here's one he gave me. if my house was on fire this is what I'd run in after. Has an eagle on the blade, horse on the pommel, 10" from front quillon to tip.

"Land of Freedom, The Patriots, Self Defender, Protected By Her Brave Volunteers."

Love '11

the love cycles show ruled, met a lot of cool people, saw a lot of awesome bikes, took some shitty photos, had a blast. was blown away by how cool everyone was. hopefully i can ride up next year, worked on the ghost forever to get it running in time, so bummed i didn't get to take it.


J sent me this belt buckle out from Tennessee, seriously rules, thanks so much man! Said he got it at a swap a couple years back and it's been sittin.


Thought the first post should be something cool, not much cooler than this. My buddy Greg drew up some tattoo flash in '92, there's some wild stories behind these. The drawing of the maniac draggin in the bottom picture is greg on his homemade panhead back when he hung with the oklahoma outlaws, 70s or 80s when the picture he based that off of was taken, I'll have to ask him.